Find out these 13 typical things that can help you get rid of ants whether in the house or in the office…for good!

Adhesive Tape

If there is a group of ants that are always nearing the sweet stuff and prizes on your kitchen countertop, design a moat around the object by rounding it off with the adhesive tape. Remember, however to position it with the sticky side up.


If you are tired of sharing your living space with ants or even roaches, give them the bye bye when you sprinkle boric acid on crevices or cracks wherein you have seen them. With a baster, blow the small parts of the boric acid on corners that are difficult to reach, as well as any deep areas that you see. You have to remember, however, that boric acid may be toxic if ingested by pets or young children.


Avoid ants when you draw a line around the entry points of your home. The ants will be turned off by the calcium carbonate found in the chalk. This chalk is actually made from compressed shells and ground up marine animals. Just scatter powdered chalk around the garden plants so you can prevent slugs and ants from showing up.


Along the backs of pantry shelves and wherever you see ants coming in your house, sprinkle a flour line. Ants are repelled by the flour and will not cross the line.


If fire ants (God forbid!) are in your patio or yard and you are so tired of getting bitten by these teeny attackers, use flowerpots to solve your problem. Just position the flowerpot upside down over an anthill. Then pour boiling water inside the drain hole. It may seem harsh (but you have to be), but in essence you are burning their house down.


You have no need of ant traps or insecticides so that your kitchen stays free of ants. Just give your kitchen the treatment of lemons. Initially, squirt a little lemon juice on windowsills and door thresholds. Afterwards, squeeze lemon juice into cracks or holes, or where you think ants are coming in. Lastly, scatter little lemon peel slices around the entrance of the outdoor area. The ants will simply figure out that they are not welcome. These lemons are also great for protecting against fleas and roaches. Just do a mixture of four lemons, including the rinds along with 2 liters or half a gallon of water. Simply wash your floors with this mixture and find it super effective as you see the roaches and fleas leave. They really hate the smell of lemons.


In your garden, on your patio, even along the foundation of your home, get rid of ants! Using a blender, create a smooth puree of a couple of orange peels inside a cup of warm water. Pour the solution slowly over and inside anthills to make your ants scurry out.


If you have two or three ants in the kitchen, they are probably searching for your sugar. Give them a surprise by giving them pepper instead. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in parts where the ants are searching, as well as the backs of your baseboards or your countertops. This will let the ants know that there is no sugar available ahead. If you see that the home colony of the ants is too close to your space and is causing them to move to your kitchen, use cayenne pepper to get rid of it. Pour the pepper down the ant hole. With this, say goodbye to the ants!

Plastic Containers

No longer watch helplessly as ants go up a picnic table leg, on the top of the table, and on your picnic meal. There is actually a sure fire way to stop them where they are. Position a plastic container at the bottom of every leg of the picnic table. Then, fill them with water. Those ants will not be able to get past these plastic containers.


If ants keep on coming to your home, stop them in their tracks by sprinkling salt directly on their way or across the door frame. Ants will be stopped from crossing this salt barrier.

Spices and Herbs

Sugar, flour, and paprika, can be preyed upon by ants. Keep the cooking essentials safe by including a bay leaf in your storage containers. If you are hesitant over the sugar or flour getting the flavor of bay leaf, tape the leaf inside of the lid of the canister. This can work inside cabinets as well, where you have sachets of bay, sage, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks. These smell great and also discourages ants.

Talcum Powder

Serving as an effective organic ant repellant, distribute talcum powder liberally around the foundations of the house as well as well known entry points, like windows and doors. Other great organic repellants are borax, cream of tartar, oil of cloves, and powdered sulfur. You can also attempt to plant mint around the foundations of the house.


Give your ants an eviction notice by pouring equal parts white vinegar and water inside a spray bottle. Afterwards, spray it on anthills and in areas where you find the ants. Ants actually hate the vinegar smell. It will not take them long for them to move to areas that are better smelling. In addition, keep the spray bottle on hand whenever you go outdoors or attempt to keep ants away from the play area of children or the picnic quarters. If you have many anthills around your property, attempt to pour vinegar that is full strength over them to get them to go away.

If you are looking for something more effective than these household items, use Terro Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits. This bait station that is a liquid ant killer is a fast acting formula that kills all usual household ants. They create no spills, no drips, and no messes and can be used for the indoors and outdoors. Position the baits where the ants are many or where there are ant trails. You can use all of the baits include in the package to guarantee enough supply for all the ants. This patented design removes the possibility of chemical handling and avoids bait from drying out. Note that this product contains borax as well.

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